Music has a unique way of bringing people from different walks of life together. And almost everyone around the world likes listening to music, which is why it has become a very important component of explainer videos. An explainer video determines how viewers will perceive your brand. It also contributes to the smooth delivery of your message. So if you’re not using background music, now is the time to do it. However, selecting the perfect background music for your explainer videos is a daunting task, considering the many options available out there. So if you’re a beginner and want to choose background music for your explainer videos, consider the following techniques:

1)Get to understand the goal of your explainer videos

First, you should ask yourself why you’re creating explainer videos in the first place and the kind of message you intend to deliver. If you can address those two queries, then choosing background music shouldn’t be work.

2)Get to grips with your target audience before you make your explainer videos

This is one of the most important steps when choosing background music for your explainer videos. When it comes to music, people have their own tastes, and this varies according to the age demographic. Children resonate with funny and happy music. When they become teenagers, they start drifting towards punk and metal. When they become adults, they tend to like modern music, such as pop. Therefore, take the time to know your target audience and research them to know their age demographic and the kind of music they like before choosing background music for your explainer video.

3)Select the tone for your explainer videos

The tone will dictate how your viewers feel. Some business owners create explainer videos that make their viewers feel inspired or educated. Others create explainer videos to make their viewers happy or laugh out loud. There are different kinds of tones you can implement in your explainer videos, including conversational, entertaining, informative, and urgent. Selecting the perfect tone will help keep your viewers glued to your explainer videos to the end and motivate them to take action.

4)Try out different kinds of music before choosing the right one for your explainer videos

The best way to choose the background music is to test out the different kinds on your explainer videos. Shortlist the best four and insert each one in your explainer video and listen until you find the best one.


Don’t forget to choose background music that aligns with your explainer video style. Choosing music that doesn’t synchronize with your video style can negatively impact end product. Ideally, the music you choose should synchronize with every aspect of your explainer video to get a superb outcome.