Any video marketing professional can tell you that initiating video marketing without an explicit call to action is useless. It’s like going to fish without bait. If you hope to motivate your viewers to take action, you need to state your CTA clearly. These tips will help you come up with a clear and high-converting CTA:

Concentrate on a single goal if you want people to take actions after watching your explainer videos

There are many types of CTAs, such as signing up to a newsletter, subscribing to a YouTube Channel, Liking a video, downloading a video, sharing a video, buying a product or service, subscribing to an email list and more. There is no way you’re going to succeeding if you deploy all this CTAs. You’re more likely to succeed if you choose one CTA and focus on it.

Develop a sense of urgency for your explainer videos’ CTA

High-converting CTAs have one thing in common; they inspire instant action. You can’t wait for later with a CTA. In other words, don’t let prospective customers watch your video and archive it. They might forget about it. Motivate them to take action by including timescales in your CTA. For example, you can create a CTA that reads ‘’Buy this product in the next 30 minutes and get 10% off.’’ This way, a client will be compelled to take action immediately so that he/she doesn’t miss out on the offer.

Don’t follow the rule of including CTA at the end of your explainer video

Face it; not every prospective customer will watch your explainer video no matter how good it is. So putting your CTA at the end of your explainer videos means this group of prospective clients will not see it. Include CTA pops ups within your explainer videos to enable such customers to see it.

Include social proof in your explainer video’s CTA.

Social proof includes testimonials from other clients who’ve used your product or service. Testimonials can help you sell more, as customers tend to actually buy when they see that another customer is happy with what they got, especially if he/she is a public figure.

Deliver on your explainer videos’ CTA

There is nothing that ruins the reputation of a business or company as a customer taking action only to find that the final product doesn’t measure up. They will simply leave and never come back. Therefore, ensure that your CTA delivers on its promise.


CTA is one of the most overlooked parts of video marketing, yet it’s responsible for the most conversions. Don’t make that mistake. Follow the tips highlighted above to create a CTA that is truly high converting.