Motion graphics explainer videos are animated graphics that explain a product or service using animated images or kinetic text. They can also use both. Motion graphics explainer videos are characteristically engaging and straightforward. They are suited for companies or businesses that have sophisticated products or services that need to be explained in an easy to understand way. Also, businesses and companies that want to bring buzz and cultivate trust can take advantage of motion graphics explainer videos. So if you’re looking to make compelling motion graphics explainer videos, here are steps to follow:

Craft a scintillating script for your motion graphics explainer videos

Motion graphics are characteristically short (30 seconds to one and half minutes). So you have to be as simple and clear as possible. Before you craft a script for your motion graphics explainer video, know your target audience, what you want them to get from your video, and how you want to make them feel. That way, you’ll be sure to write a script that aligns with their needs.

Storyboard your motion graphic explainer videos

This is where script and visuals come together for your motion graphics explainer video to take shape. Here, you should sit down with your design and production teams and brainstorm. During the brainstorming session, you’ll have to draw frames on your whiteboard and take a critical look at the script before the real work starts. Ideally, this is the stage to create a visual of how your storyboard would look.

Design the storyboards for your motion graphics explainer videos

At this time, you have a visual idea of your storyboard represented in sketches. The next step is to convert the storyboards into actual designs. You need to take the time to get things right here because; this stage will determine the outcome of your motion graphics explainer video. To get things right here, the individual responsible for sketching the storyboards should also handle the design. Essentially, this stage involves writing out the visual notes to be conveyed to the animation team who will use them to get the final pieces of the explainer video together.

Animation of the final motion graphics explainer video’s design

The last stage involves doing the animation. Here, you’ll have to think about the animation style to use, your completion schedules, background music, and sound effects.


If you do all this things systematically and with precision, you will certainly produce superb motion graphics explainer videos. This kind of explainer video is expensive to produce. So make sure you are getting value from it by engaging the best team and tools.